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Not sure if your appliances need a little TLC?

Do you have a few odd jobs that need to be done but not sure who to call about them?

If you've experienced a loss in productivity, team morale, an increase in costs or worst of all, employee injuries as a result of tired, faulty appliances, then we recommend you phone Powerserve Electrical on 03 964 5621 and have the experienced team come and conduct a FREE AUDIT.

How to avoid spending too much on machinery repair and maintenance.

Here are three tips to help you save on your servicing bills:

1.gif Use a reliable technician. That way your problem will be fixed straight away and won’t become a reoccurring issue. We can schedule regular maintenance, or do immediate call-outs if the need calls for it. Click here to read more about our team of experienced technicians.
2.gif Use a company that has relevant experience in the electrical industry. This saves you time and money by having an experienced electrician working on your equipment and in your premises. 
3.gif Getting regular maintenance done helps prevent major wear and tear. You can schedule regular maintenance To keep your equipment in good working condition before it becomes a problem that requires potentially inconvenient and costly repairs.