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our services
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial wiring
  • Electrical repairs for residential, commercial and industrial sites.
  • Coffee machine repair specialists
  • Maintenance and repairs of equipment and appliances
  • Shop fit-outs
  • Switchboard upgrades


Here’s how Powerserve Electrical can help with repairs and maintenance:

The Powerserve team is made up of experienced electricians who specialise in electrical maintenance, repairs and fit outs. Over the years we have gained a strong reputation for our ability to give sound advice and to deliver a hassle-free service to our clients. We cover all aspects of the electrical industry specialising in the hospitality industry. Our team and business systems are capable of fulfilling all your electrical requirements. We provide a ‘now’ service in a ‘now’ industry. This means our electricians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for repairs and maintenance. Our team of specialists has over 40 years in the industry so you are working with a knowledgeable, adaptable team. To contact us for a quote, please phone Lisa or Rod on 03 964 5621 or 0274 533 800. Alternatively, you can email

Is your electrical equipment running efficiently and up to standard?

Faulty equipment was one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in 2008. As you know, an employer and or business manager can be found liable for employee injuries if it is found they have not taken all practical steps to prevent an accident from occurring. You can help prevent serious injury, boost team morale, improve productivity and actually reduce long term costs simply by ensuring your equipment is regularly checked and serviced by an approved electrician.
When you’re busy, you can’t afford for vital equipment to breakdown. It could stop you in your tracks and cost you a lot of money! We can maintain your equipment to help prevent breakdowns and we have a 24 hour call-out service to respond quickly to your emergencies.
In your business, the equipment you use has a major impact on your productivity. 
How many times has your production been slowed down or even stopped completely due to equipment failure and you are left waiting for repairs to be completed? Likewise your equipment may not be operating at its optimum level because it’s in need of a service. We know the importance of keeping the ball rolling, that’s why we have a 24 hour call-out service.
We can also customise a regular Preventative Maintenance Schedule to help ensure your equipment doesn’t let you down. Our team of trained Electricians will come to your premises to check over your equipment and you can trust we won’t recommend repairs that are not required – we believe in the benefit of building long term relationships in business by helping you, NOT FLEECING YOU!
Free appliance check
If you have a piece of equipment that you think might be under performing we'll check over it for free! If there is anything wrong with it we'll let you know what needs to be done. All you have to do is call in and see us or give us a call.
Does your coffee machine need servicing?

When it comes to coffee machines we're the specialists you need to see. Call us on (03) 964 5621.